Golden cruiser safestop3 is a super heavy-duty, premium quality brake fluid, which, with it’s high boiling point, offers fail-safe insurance against brake failure. Formulated with superior quality chemical systems, this product has all attributes of making it a safer choice for Indian roads.

Recommended for all GIRLING Bendix and other Hydraulic Brake Systems for passenger and commercial vehicles. Golden Cruiser safestop3 Brake Fluid meet and exceeds the requirements of FMVSS 116 DOT 3, SAE J 1703, JIS-K-2233 & BIS 8654.

Directions for Use

  • Follow vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for usage.
  • Keep brake fluid clean & dry. Contamination with dirt, water or petroleum products or any other material may lead to brake failure or costly repairs.
  • Use full contents of this pouch at one go. Once opened, do not restore this pack. Also do not repack in any container.